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Have you written a MATHCOUNTS sprint round to challenge your friends?

Have you written a paper or lesson on probability that you think might help others learn something that you have already mastered?

Do you have a challenging problem set that you would like to see shared on the web?

Send them in!  Chances are, you put a lot of effort into something that will eventually just end up lost in a file folder on your desktop.  Acceptable files will be posted on this page with credit to the author.

Here is what I am looking for:

  • PDF or Word files.
  • Math instruction, worksheets, problem sets, etc. geared towards the advanced middle-school student.  This can mean anything from AMC8/ MATHCOUNTS school round to AMC10 or even AIME level problems.
  • Submissions should be content that you have created.  Problem sets should include answer keys where available, and full solutions are certainly appreciated.

These examples can help you get started. 
Many more can be found on the

Use the Word file above as a template, or create your own.  Writing questions is one of the best ways to improve your skills.  Answers or full solutions are certainly appreciated but not necessarily required.

E-mail content contributions to jbatterson@agmath.com

From Max Schindler:
2009 Master's Round winner of the National MATHCOUNTS competition.  His team placed second in the nation and consisted of four students (including his sister) from the same school (Ladue in St. Louis I believe).  Thanks Max.

From Yongyi Chen:
A difficult pair of Sprint and Target Round mock competitions from the Massachusettes standout.  Thanks Yongyi.

From Samson Zhou:
More Mock MATHCOUNTS tests.

From AoPS User PowerOfPi:
School-Round Level mock MATHCOUNTS rounds.

From AoPS'er 5849206328x:
Extremely challenging mock MATHCOUNTS Sprint and Target rounds.

From AoPS'er Pytheagle:
Six hard (mostly Algebra) problems.

Author Unknown:
A few more mock exams collected from AoPS users by Math154 in this thread on AoPS.  If you wrote one of these and would like credit or would like them taken down, please e-mail me.  (I have attempted to contact all of the authors where possible).

From AoPS user PowerOfPi.

  • The algebra behind Pythagorean triples where the square of the short leg equals the sum of the two longer sides (.doc Word format).

From California MATHCOUNTS standout Eugene Chen.  An advanced discussion of Fibonacci and Lucas numbers.