Math 8
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Notes to users.  Pages with a name space at the top are worksheets, those without are transparencies.  Some transparencies will not make much sense without instruction.  Chapters are loosely based on the 2004 Prentice Hall Algebra 1 textbook.

Some pages do not make the transition to PDF form as well as others.  If you come across a page that is illegible, please report it on the Message Board.

Online Video Lessons for virtually all of the topics found below.

Chapter 1Order Of Operations, Integers, Rules of Exponents, Writing Expressions and Equations. (60 Pages)
Chapter 1:  Order of Operations, Integers, Exponents, etc.

Solving Multi-Step, Formula, Proportion, Absolute Value, and Square Root Equations and Inequalities.  (47 pages)
                           Chapter 2:  Solving Equations

Proportions, Percents, Percent Change, Proportional Reasoning and Dilations on the Plane. (14 pages)
                           Chapter 4:  Proportional Reasoning

Linear Equations.  Graphing, Slope, Slope-Intercept, Standard, and Point-Slope Forms. (48 pages)
                           Chapter 5:  Linear Equations

Functions.  Interpreting Graphs, Function Notation, and the Vertical Line Test. (13 pages)
                           Chapter 6:  Functions

Systems of Equations.  Graphing, Substitution, Elimination, and Systems of Inequalities. (39 pages)
                           Chapter 7:  Systems of Equations

Mid-Year Exam Review Materials and Practice Exams.  Exam Prep.

Polynomials.  Divisibility, LCM, GCF, Distribution, FOIL, Factoring, Difference of Squares, Perfect Squares. (45 p)
                           Chapter 8: Polynomials

Exponential Growth.  Population, Money, Half-Life and Doubling Time. (10 pages)
                           Chapter 9: Exponential Growth

Quadratics.  Graphing and Solving Quadratics. (41 p)
Chapter 10:  Quadratics.

Scatter Plots.  Using the TI-83 to determine the line of best fit.  Recognizing types of data. (8 pages)
                           Chapter 10+:  Scatter Plots

Radicals and the Pythagorean Theorem. (27 pages)
Chapter 11:  Pythagorean Theorem

Area and Volume.  Circles, Polygons, Surface Area, Volume.
                           Chapter 12: Area and Volume
                           Chapter 12:  Area and Volume Abbreviated

8th Grade NC EOG Review.  (20 pages, 120+ items)
Also see NC DPI Sample Items
                           Chapter 13:  EOG Review and Topics

Algebra NC EOC Review. (16 pages, 100+ items and 9 EOC topic reviews.)
                           Also see NC DPI Sample Items
                           Chapter 14:  EOC Review Questions
                           Chapter 14:  EOC Review Topics